How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Great Hotel for Houseguests for your family

Best Guest Room

This Channel what you love about a great hotel, says interior designer Young Huh, with basics that include an iron, spare hangers, and an alarm clock. Bonus points for bottled water, a box of chocolates or mints, and a note with your Wi-Fi password. To prevent guests from stumbling over suitcases, Joanna Goddard of suggests keeping a luggage rack in the guest room. And in your guest bath, “always, always set out extra toilet paper and a plunger, because there’s nothing more awkward than having to ask,” she says. An extra-thoughtful touch: Keep a stockpile of just-in-case medications (ibuprofen, indigestion pills) and bandages, plus a sewing kit for garment emergencies.
To buy: Real Simple slimline suit hangers in Dove, $30 for 50; Sleep mask, $45; Gold earbuds, $25; Oval bread basket in antique brown, $35; Fabric Fresh, $16; HoMedics personal ultrasonic humidifier, $20; F1 Air Supplies earplugs, $8 for 8; Wool and cash­mere throw in smoky teal, $128;

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